Terms and Conditions

This document outlines in detail the Terms and Conditions users must abide by when using the Crypto Engine website and its subsites. The conditions outlined here are valid across all pages on this site and are binding for all site visitors without exceptions. Reading, understanding, and accepting these Terms and Conditions are fundamental to the proper use of the Website.

Note that Crypto Engine is the sole owner of this site and all content uploaded on it.


The Agreement is a supervening document that touches on every aspect of the fair use of this Website.

Users must note that the Agreement is the chief policy document for the use of our services. In case there is a conflict between any policy or warranty and these Terms, the latter is superior.

Given the importance of the Agreement to your peaceable use, we advise users to carefully review all parts of this document before and during the course of their interaction with our services.


You may not use the services on the Website unless you have read, understood, and AGREED to the Terms and Conditions. Users agree and create a legally binding agreement (“the Agreement”) to abide by these terms in their entirety.

Upon reading the Terms and Conditions, it is in your purview whether to go on and utilise our services or not. Failure to accept these terms means that you are not authorised to use our services freely. The continual use of the Website will be construed as an implied acceptance of these Terms on your part.


Crypto Engine may refer to itself as “this website”, “this site”, “the website,” or “the site,” as well as first-person pronouns within this document. Furthermore, second-person pronouns and terms such as “user” and “client” and their synonyms will be used to refer to site visitors.

Legal Age

Since your use of Crypto Engine and our services requires consent to these Terms, you must be of legal age in your country of residence. Children below the legal age limit cannot provide legal consent and, therefore, cannot use our services.

Content Changes

We reserve the right to edit or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, including without prior notice to the client. It is incumbent upon users to regularly check this Agreement to understand the conditions for engaging with Crypto Engine at any particular time of use.

Last updated: December 16, 2022.

Risk Disclaimer

Purpose of Crypto Engine

Be aware that Crypto Engine is not a financial or cryptocurrency broker nor the developer of any type of trading software or platform. We exclusively offer a marketing service which permits prospective traders to be introduced to our affiliated broker partners, who in turn can provide a vast range of financial services to them.

While we connect traders with brokers globally, we do not provide any advice. Crypto Engine is not qualified to offer financial guidance, and none of the information on our website is intended as investment advice.

Crypto Engine Content

The information on our site aims to inform traders about the existence of financial and crypto brokers and some of the opportunities the markets may offer. Nevertheless, none of the material should be regarded as financial advice or broker comparison or used as grounds for making financial decisions.

Note that due to the fast-paced nature of the financial and cryptocurrency markets, we may not always be able to update Crypto Engine to reflect the most current trends and asset values or listings. It is the user’s sole responsibility to carefully research the market before engaging in any trading activities.

Any references to potential trading results shown are exceptional and not typical. Trading success varies between traders due to its dependence on multiple factors. Cryptocurrency trading remains risky and volatile, and you may lose your entire capital. Never speculate with funds you cannot afford to lose.

Our company holds no liability for any financial losses or negative consequences directly or indirectly related to using Crypto Engine’s services. Make sure you understand the risks involved. The use of leveraged products and CFDs is particularly risky, so always implement a proper hedging strategy and consult a professional financial advisor before making any trading decisions.

Scope of Crypto Engine’s Services

Our company does not provide any financial or payment processing services. The goal of this website is to bring traders and brokers together. All financial and commercial opportunities are facilitated by the broker Crypto Engine assigns you during the account creation process. Crypto Engine does not offer services that allow you to engage with the markets directly.

Geographical Limitations

Note that the FCA bans the selling of CFDs based on cryptocurrencies in the UK, as per PS 20/10. We discourage the sale and marketing of such products addressed to UK traders as well. There may be similar limitations in your country of residence. Carry out due diligence and learn about the legal guidelines where you live before using Crypto Engine.

Affiliate Disclosure

Crypto Engine has affiliate partnerships with all of the brokerages we recommend to our customers. Though our service is free for traders, we are compensated by our partners with commission fees. Our compensation comes at no extra expense to the customer and in no way depends on the user’s trading performance.

We are not liable for any content shared through third parties. Always do your due diligence!

Registration Requirements

Registration enables us to get essential information, such as email addresses, that makes the dispatching of general services efficient. Users will be required to give correct and complete information.

We reserve the right to reject some or all of the information you provide if we find it to be inaccurate or incomplete.

We shall also, in our exclusive discretion, deny anyone any of these services for unacceptable or misleading information when submitting the information.

Licence Grant

Users of the Website get a limited, revocable grant to access and utilise the services on this Website. This grant is non-transferable. This licence provides access to our services for personal reasons.

It is our sole prerogative to revoke this licence grant. We shall have no obligation to disclose the reason for the revocation of the grant.

You are PROHIBITED from using the content herein for unauthorised commercial ends. This includes retrieving, reproducing, reverse engineering, or otherwise copying information on the Website for financial gain.

This licence does not authorise any user to tamper with any aspect of this Website using electronic devices. Users must refrain from exerting a disproportionate load on our systems.

Use of the Crypto Engine Website

Despite our technical team’s efforts to ensure Crypto Engine runs reliably and smoothly to meet our customers’ needs, we cannot guarantee that your browsing experience will always be error-free. You might run into the occasional technical issue, though we remain committed to identifying problem areas and resolving existing problems as we see fit.

In order to conduct both planned and emergency maintenance for the resolution of technical errors or to update our website in other ways, Crypto Engine may temporarily limit access to its web pages from time to time. Though we shall try to warn our customers about such interruptions whenever possible, we reserve the right to limit access to Crypto Engine without notice.

Links to Third Parties on the Site

Our content may sometimes include hyperlinks to third-party websites that we have affiliate partnerships with. Crypto Engine makes no guarantees as to the quality, accuracy, truthfulness, or availability of third-party content. The user is responsible for verifying all information they encounter both on Crypto Engine and third-party websites.

Moreover, we shall not be responsible for any potential damages you might suffer after following any of the affiliate links on our site.

Proprietary Rights

We assert, to the fullest extent, our proprietary rights over our content, graphics, and logos that appear anywhere on the Website. These are our property and shall be regarded as such. We shall enforce the copyright and Trademark protections over our proprietary content at all times.

Any steps taken to violate our proprietary rights are illegal and are punishable under relevant laws. Users must not, through overt and covert means and without authorisation, copy or reproduce content on the Website for their own ends. Unauthorised hyperlinking of any content is also prohibited.

The use of services on this Website, however prolonged, does not grant you any proprietary rights.

Some of the trademarks and logos on the Website belong to their respective owners. Users must not infringe on their proprietary rights over such.

Users specifically agree to cooperate and remove any content we bring to their attention that they may have that is a result of the violation of any or all of our proprietary rights.

We will pursue all legal remedies to enforce our proprietary rights, including but not limited to prosecution.


You expressly agree to indemnify us for any costs arising from any suit that emanates from a breach on your part of these Terms and Conditions to the extent of your liability.

The indemnification is applicable to all our affiliate organisations that incur costs in an effort to seek redress for violations that occur from your use of our services.

In addition, you also accept that Crypto Engine is in no way liable for any losses that may arise from interruptions in our website service or the service of third parties we have linked to, the use of Crypto Engine or third-party sites we may link to, or inaccuracies or other issues with the content on Crypto Engine and third-party sites.

Cookie Use

Note that Crypto Engine uses cookies. Cookies are special files that serve as identification for each customer so that our developers can study the performance of our website and ensure its proper functioning, thanks to the feedback we gather through cookie usage.

Crypto Engine uses functional cookies, Google Analytics, and third-party cookies belonging to our partners on this website. You can learn more about cookie varieties and functions in our separate Cookie Policy.

We highly recommend allowing the use of cookies on your device. This way, you ensure that you will experience Crypto Engine as our web developers have intended and have access to all features we have implemented for our users.

Nevertheless, you have the right to opt out of cookie use altogether. You can do this upon your first visit to Crypto Engine when asked about your cookie preferences or adjust your browser settings. However, disabling cookies will negatively affect your browsing experience.

Choice of Jurisdiction

You agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of Crypto Engine in relation to any dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions.

Illegal Activities

You are expected to respect this Terms and Conditions Agreement, as well as any applicable laws in your country of residence. If you violate this Agreement or commit any crimes that we become aware of, your access to Crypto Engine will be terminated, and we shall take appropriate steps, including notifying the authorities.

In addition, you are to conduct yourself respectfully and politely in communication with Crypto Engine and our other customers. The use of hostile or hateful language will not be tolerated. Users are also prohibited from spreading harmful or offensive content on our site.


If you have further questions about these Terms, please use the Contact Us form to reach out to the Crypto Engine team. Our partners’ trained customer representatives will handle your request at their earliest convenience.

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