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The results shown are exceptional and not typical. Trading success varies between traders. Cryptocurrency trading remains risky and volatile, and you may lose your entire capital. Never speculate with funds you cannot afford to lose.

Our company holds no liability for any financial losses or negative consequences. Make sure you understand the risks involved. The use of leveraged products and CFDs is particularly risky. Note that the FCA in the UK bans the selling of CFDs based on cryptos, as per PS 20/10. We discourage the sale of such products addressed to UK traders as well. Carry on due diligence!

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Users can freely access our Services. Children under 18 are prohibited from using our Services. To avoid any doubt, free access does not mean that the use of our services is legal under the crypto directives in your country.

Please be advised that we provide our services for free as we are compensated by our affiliated brokers. Some links on our Website may lead to third-party websites, which means that if you click on them, we may receive a commission. We won’t gain or lose anything based on your trading results.

We are not liable for any content shared through third parties. Always do due diligence!

Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the policy framework for all users as it pertains to their proper usage of the Website.

Reading, understanding, and accepting these terms of use are fundamental to the proper use of the Website.

We own this Website and shall engage with our users and visitors in accordance with this policy. The use of collective terms like “We” and “Us” should be interpreted to connote this ownership and are used interchangeably, but the meaning is the same.

You may not use the services on the Website unless you have read, understood, and AGREED to the Terms and Conditions. Users agree and create a legally binding agreement (“the Agreement”) to abide by these terms in their entirety.

Upon reading the Terms and Conditions, it is in your purview whether to go on and utilise our services or not. Failure to accept these terms means that you are not authorised to use our services freely. The continual use of the Website will be construed as an implied acceptance of the terms on your part.

We reserve the right to edit or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice. It is incumbent upon users to regularly check the terms of use to understand the legal regime at any particular time of use.

Scope of the Agreement

The Agreement is a supervening document that touches on every aspect of the fair use of this Website.

Users must note that the Agreement is the chief policy document for the use of our services. In case there is a conflict between any policy or warranty and these terms, the latter is superior.

Given the importance of the Agreement to your peaceable use, we advise users to carefully review all parts of this document before and during the course of their interaction with our services.


We intend to fully comply with the legal regime on marketing financial services to minors. This Website takes a strong stand against minors accessing our services. This is primarily because minors lack the capacity to enter legal agreements, such as these Terms and Conditions.

For the purposes of this policy, a minor is someone below the age of 18.

We shall take prompt action to deny such services to anyone below the minimum age once such unauthorised use is brought to our attention.

Registration enables us to get essential information such as email addresses that make the dispatching of general services efficient. Users will be required to give correct and complete information.

We reserve the right to reject some or all of the information you provide as inaccurate or incomplete.

We shall also, in our exclusive discretion, deny anyone any of these services for unacceptable or misleading information when submitting the information.

License Grant

Users of the Website get a limited, revocable grant to access and utilise the services on this Website. This grant is non-transferable. This license provides access to our services for personal reasons.

It is our sole prerogative to revoke this license grant. We shall have no obligation to provide an acceptable reason for the revocation of the grant.

You are PROHIBITED from using the content herein for unauthorised commercial ends. This includes retrieving, reproducing, reverse engineering, or otherwise copying information on the Website for financial gain.

This license does not authorise any user to tamper with any aspect of this Website using electronic devices. Users must refrain from exerting a disproportionate load on our systems.

Proprietary Rights

We assert, to the fullest extent, our proprietary rights over our content, graphics, and logos that appear anywhere on the Website. These are our property and shall be regarded as such. We shall enforce the copyright and Trademark protections over our proprietary content at all times.

Any steps taken to violate our proprietary rights are illegal and are punishable under relevant laws. Users must not, through overt and covert means, and without authorisation, copy or reproduce content on the Website for their own ends. Unauthorised hyperlinking of any content is also prohibited.

The use of services on this Website, however prolonged, does not grant you any proprietary rights.

Some of the trademarks and logos on the Website belong to their respective owners. Users must not infringe on their proprietary rights over such.

Users specifically agree to cooperate and remove any content we bring to their attention that they may have that is a result of the violation of any or all of our proprietary rights.

We will pursue all legal remedies to enforce our proprietary rights, including but not limited to prosecution.


You expressly agree to indemnify us for any costs arising from any suit that emanates from a breach on your part of these Terms and Conditions to the extent of your liability.

The indemnification is applicable to all our affiliate organisations that incur costs in an effort to seek redress for violations that occur from your use of our services.

Privacy Policy

The collection and processing of all Personal Information on the Website are done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

It is incumbent upon all users to familiarise themselves with the Privacy Policy.

Choice of Jurisdiction

You agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of Crypto Engine in relation to any dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions.

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