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Cookie Policy

We are appreciative of the trust you have put in us over protecting your privacy in the handling of personal data. This cookie policy outlines our cookie collection practices and the kind of cookies we collect.

Users are expected to read, understand, and accept this policy for peaceable use of our site. The Cookie Policy stipulates how we gather this data, how we handle it, and how it plays a huge role in the optimization of your website user experience.

The interchangeable use of collective pronouns like "Our", "We", or "Us" in place of the Website will feature in this document. They should be interpreted as one and the same. We will refer to our users as "You".

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are plain text files that contain distinctive user identification and a website name. Our servers will send them to your computer's browser for storage when you access our web pages.

These bits of data will recognize any device that logs in to our website. Consequently, when you pay us a visit our website will identify your device and tailor the information on your screen to match your needs.

The data collected by our cookies will provide particular information to our first-time visitor and varying content to our returning visitors.

Cookies make your interaction with us smoother, eliminating any extra effort when interacting with us. We also do allow the placement of third party cookies from authorized parties that we work closely with us in service delivery.

We shall send a cookie request to any of our visitors asking them to allow us to place our cookies on their devices. Sustained use of our services is an implied agreement on your part that you have gone through our cookie policy and found it satisfactory.

Users shall have the prerogative to either accept or reject the use of our cookies. Note that rejection of cookies might adversely affect your access to the information and services on our web pages.

Types of Cookies That We Use

We utilize cookies such as;

This class of cookies is very essential to the functioning of our website. They cannot be switched off since they collect vital information such as login and online fraud defense data. Partly known as strictly necessary cookies, these bits of data function as a response to your requests. We use permanent cookies to;

We also work with recognized third-party platforms that help us in the process of optimizing our use of cookies. These third-party cookies are under the express control of their issuers. Some of these cookies can be turned off through your browser's settings.

Some third-party cookies however can only be limited by their websites as the instructions accorded them. We could collect non-personal data via third party temporary and permanent cookies to;

Some of the third party cookies on use as per our cookie policy include;

The Ongoing Concerns about Cookies

In line with this policy, cookies have a myriad of legitimate uses in the processes of website optimization and efficiency. Stored cookies have however raised privacy concerns online but we would like to inform you that we do not track or collect and store private information from clients. Third-party cookies from advertisers can also be managed as per your browser's user preferences.

How to Manage Cookies

You can accept or reject the use of cookies. To ensure that you are always in control of cookie placement, set your browser to notify you when a website wants to place its cookies.

Users can choose to control cookie usage on their browsers. Browsers can also automatically reject all cookies. Dismissing all cookies could adversely affect your interaction with our website.

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