Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a fulfilment of regulatory requirements for informing users about the handling of their Personal Data. Read on.

In this policy document, collective terms like “We” and “Us” refer to the “Website”.

The peaceable use of our services is contingent on every user reading and accepting the terms in this Privacy Policy. Deciding to reject any or the whole of the policy document precludes you from accessing our services.

We shall reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy as we deem appropriate. It is the user’s prerogative always to keep abreast of the changes.

Personally Identifiable Information

To access our services, we require users to provide specific data that identify them uniquely.

For information to meet the Personally Identifiable Information threshold, it must identify a real person. Such information as names and unique financial information fall under this category.

Given the sensitive nature of the information, users provide it on a purely voluntary basis. The choice not to divulge some of these details may lock you out of core services on the Website.

All details collected under this category shall be used only for the purpose for which they are collected. Registration is the primary channel for collecting Personally Identifiable Information.

Personally Identifiable Information helps in the dispensing of services efficiently. For the use of Personally Identifiable Information over and above the scope of the collection, we will seek the consent of users.

The communication is to be made through our email support.

We shall not sell or otherwise disclose Personally Identifiable Information without your authorisation. A notable exception to this will be when we have to comply with reasonable law enforcement requests or enforce Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) measures.

The Website will have robust security measures, encryption protocols, and transaction procedures that aim to preserve the confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information to the maximum extent possible.

Using this Personally Identifiable Information, we may send exclusive bulletins to our users. The bulletins and other content can contain useful information on all manner of products and information.

We have public message boards for feedback and comments. Any user who divulges Personally Identifiable Information on such public forums does it at their own risk. You shall not hold us liable for failing to protect your confidentiality in such instances.

Non-Personally Identifiable (Generic) Information

In the course of navigating the Website, some generic information may be gathered. This information does not necessarily identify a user in specific terms.

Generic information includes data that tracks your activity on the Website. Other types of general information like your geographical location also factor into our collection systems.

The collection of such information is automatic and helps in determining customer needs on how to improve our services. We shall store such generic information separate from Personally Identifiable Information. This is because our protocols for processing Personally Identifiable Information are different, with extra emphasis on confidentiality.

We use cookies to collect such tailored information. Refer to our Cookie Policy for a better understanding of how we use cookies.

Information Posted On Public Forums and Collected By Third-Party Sites

As part of our services, we may have several bulletin boards, chat rooms, or other public forums to engage our users. We are not obliged to protect information disclosed on such public forums from other users.

Users are urged not to reveal any sensitive information to other users on such forums because we shall not be liable for any losses incurred on account of the disclosure.

The Website contains various links to third-party websites over which we exert no control. We shall not be held liable for any infringements that occur as a result of disclosing information to third-party sites. We recommend that you read and understand the privacy policy of any third-party site before sharing your data with them.

Exceptions and Limitations

Notwithstanding our provisions on Personally Identifiable Information, we shall comply with reasonable requests from law enforcement investigations that relate to any activity on the Website.

We are a legitimate operation that does not condone unlawful activities on our part or any user of our services. Seeking to engage in outright fraud on our platform shall exempt you from confidentiality protections. We may also decide to monitor specific communication on our platform to satisfy said regulations or governmental requests.

In the enforcement of our proprietary rights, we may also undertake to disclose specific personal information from offending parties to law enforcement. Such disclosure is to the extent necessary to identify such individuals.

At certain times, we may disclose or sell information, subject to this policy. We shall ensure that any entity we disclose such information to is in the communication sector, and primarily for the purpose of enhancing services.

We shall undertake due diligence to ensure that any such company or entity has robust data protection mechanisms and policies to inform their handling of any such data. Users may be expressly notified of such disclosure and can decide to opt out through an email request.

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